Our team is small but empathetic.  That means getting your questions answered timely when you call and getting the help you really need for your condition instead of being forgotten.  We want to be your medical home for your musculoskeletal system.   You may go to your primary care doctor for diabetes or a cold; but come here for a muscle, nerve or joint pain.     


     Although pain may be the reason for your visit to the clinic, your overall health is our focus.  It may be easy to get your pain under control, but the real challenge is keeping it from coming back.   We want to work with you to meet your unique health goals so you can have a long and active life.


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     We believe that pain management should be more than following a protocol.  If you have been going through procedure after procedure and receiving escalating doses of narcotics, an important step was probably missed...reaching the correct diagnosis.  We hope you see us first so we can educate  you on your condition and provide a safe, appropriate treatment plan.  Don't let your pain become a chronic syndrome that takes over your life.