​​Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
    • A list of all medications
    • Photo ID, i.e. Drivers Licenses
    • Active Insurance Card
    • Copay amount required by your insurance for a specialists.
    • Most recent imaging (xray, MRI, CT) for your complaint on a disc. (If imaging was performed at  Baptist then no disc is required.)
  • Do I need a referral to make an appointment?
    • ​We do not require a referral but some insurance plans do i.e. Medicaid, HMOs, some PPOs.  You should call your health insurance provider if you are not sure.
  • What if I do not have any previous imaging?
    • ​That is no problem; any imaging needed will be ordered after your evaluation.


  • Do I need a driver for my procedure?
    • ​Only if you are receiving an epidural injection or receiving sedation.
  •  Where will my procedure be performed at?
    • ​Most procedures are performed in-office.  Procedures requiring sedation such as radiofrequency ablation, individuals in need of special assistance, or higher risk procedures are performed as an outpatient at Baptist Hospital, Heber Springs, AR. 
  •   Do I need sedation for my procedure?
    • Sedation is needed for radiofrequency ablation procedures but you will find that it is not necessary for most other procedures due to Dr. Widner's technique. 


  •  Will I get my pain medications refilled at my appointment?
    • ​We do not automatically refill medications that have been prescribed by other providers.  You are first evaluated and medications can be prescribed if they are recommended for your condition.  If you are placed under pain contract and you follow the conditions of your contract, then your medications will be renewed. 
  •   I cannot make it to my appointment; can you call in refills for my medication?
    • That depends on the type of medication.  Schedule II controlled substances cannot be called in without an appointment.  Schedule III controlled substances can have 2 refills without an appointment.  Other medications typicaly require yearly or bi-yearly appointments.
  •   Do I need to bring my medications to every appointment?
    • ​Please bring all of  your medications to your first appointment but only medications that were prescribed by Dr. Widner to subsequent appointments.