​biological treatments

A targeted approach to pain call 501-270-4116  M-F 8-5

We are not the typical shotgun approach pain clinic.  You will be evaluated by a comprehensive pain doctor that will guide care to your unique condition. 

​narcotic addiction

​Take control of your life

Botox medical & cosmetic

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Feel and look your best!  Botox can be used to reduce facial wrinkles and can relieve pain from muscle spasms.   

Do pain pills control and destroy your life?  We offer medication-assisted treatment  such as suboxone that changes lives. 


The future of musculoskeletal care has arrived.  Learn about biological treatments that can restore degenerative joints and give energy. 


Testing Available!

  • Nerve conduction and needle EMG performed by MD. 
  • Best diagnostic test for carpal & cubital tunnel syndrome, also other peripheral nerve disorders. 
  • Call 501-270-4116 for evaluation or your PCP can refer you for testing F 501.270.4117.